About TenDot

TenDot is a full-service meeting management and incentive house.  Partnering with companies across the nation, TenDot plans, executes, and streamlines the world’s best corporate meetings and reward travel programs. The TenDot team has extensive industry experience and in-depth knowledge of domestic and international travel. Solutions created by TenDot have been shown to increase sales and employee retention while improving overall company performance. 

Our Core Focus


Our Core Values

Do the right thing, period.
It’s simple, but paramount. If a mistake is made, we make it right, right away. No finger pointing here.

Family by choice
The connections we make are for life. We have each other’s backs and continually strengthen our bonds.

We care intensely
Your success is our success. Your failure is our failure.

We can and we will. With our passion and energy, we find a way to yes.


A Ten•Dot Day [ey ten-dot dey]:

When one awakens and chooses to have a positive influence on one’s self, family, company and community!

Our Mission

TenDot implements incentives, trust, and consistent energetic leadership to produce an environment of excellence.

Our Vision

TenDot is an international, multi-faceted family of companies that inspires both clients and employees with a commitment to integrity and the signature P & E Quotient.

Our Purpose

TenDot was created with the fundamental ideal that awakening people from life's coma enriches companies and communities.


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