6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your User Conference Management

For many things in life, we seek experts. A conference management firm puts their experience and expertise to work and provide many benefits you may not have thought about. Here are six great reasons you should outsource your events:

1. Save Time – What is the value of your time? Like it or not, your time has a monetary value attached to it. Conference planning has many details and intricacies that add up. It requires constant attention and impeccable execution. By outsourcing to a team of experts, you’ll have things like site selection, contract negotiation, registration, logistics and more taken off your plate, giving you the time to focus on other important aspects of your job.

2. Insider Expertise – A conference management firm provides solutions and improvements based on industry best practices and past experiences. These experts see the big picture and all the subtle details that will improve your attendees’ experience. While you may have an internal event marketing team, they may not be experienced in all areas of event management, and will spend significantly more time than a conference manager would to do the same tasks. Conference managers also have the know-how for handling unexpected problems swiftly and efficiently.

3. Improve Your ROI – A great conference partner will provide you with metrics and reports on everything from food and beverage spending to attendee feedback, allowing you to develop justification and create a plan to make future events even better. All the while, your event stays on budget, while strategies are in place for driving your attendance!

4. Impressive Buying Power - In working with a conference management professional, you’ll benefit from existing relationships with a variety of vendors including the biggest and best hotels, keynote speakers, AV companies, technology providers and more, giving you access to affordable, reliable and professional suppliers.

5. One Stop Shop - Eliminate the challenge of managing several different suppliers, contractors or other event service providers. A trusted conference partner makes your life easier by serving as your main point of contact and coordinating vendor communications.

6. Making You Look Good – A great partner becomes an extension of your internal events team and provides an increased level of expertise, service and support. Outsourcing your events ensures your employees remain focused on their own core roles, rather than being tied up for months coordinating your conference details. This frees up you and your team’s time to focus on creating brilliant content and handling business related issues. Plus, you get an assurance of continuity even if someone leaves the company. Most importantly, you get to reap the rewards of an exceptionally executed event!

By hiring a conference management partner, you can guide your event toward success, while trusting them with the details. Even though you can, it doesn’t mean you should. We’ve seen company leaders who readily admit their lack of attention to detail, but they desire to have a world-class event. You can’t have one without the other. If you jump at the opportunity to comb through details, negotiate contracts, ensure client satisfaction, and handle the naysayers along the way, then you might be willing to do it. If not, let a qualified conference professional handle the job.

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