The Art of Leading with Zen

Whether it's Sun Tzu and The Art of Business, the art of Buddhist chanting or the art of not giving a f!@k, the fact is that mental state in leadership is an art. Sure science has something to do with it, but the nuances are paramount. TenDot discovered this first hand when recently traveling to Thailand. The chanting monks were fascinating and captivating, but interestingly pushed us to look inside ourselves for the answer. Just like Hannibal Lecter told Clarise Starling, "look inside yourself."

We live in a fast-paced and deadline-driven world. Embracing mindfulness enables us to clear our mind of clutter, focusing on what is important and enhancing our roles as leaders. Just a few of the vital benefits from this practice include strengthened self-awareness, increased emotional intelligence, better decision-making, improved focus and reduced levels of stress.

Whether you decide to meditate daily, chant with a monk, journal, talk a walk/jog, or simply make a choice to actively bring yourself back to the present moment whenever your mind starts to wander, there are ways you can implement this practice in your life. Any activity that brings your mind to the present moment is going to impact this mindfulness.

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