Disconnect to Reconnect

At TenDot, our team is encouraged by our President to take a few days off this summer to unplug. As a leader, he knows the importance and benefits of taking time to recharge and the positive impacts it has on our team and organization as a whole.

Taking time off sounds fantastic, but we often find ourselves with some anxiety when it comes to disconnecting from our work while we are away. How can you best unplug and relax (relatively) guilt-free?

Plan ahead.

The week before you are going to disconnect, start allotting time for getting through emails and having conversations to resolve any issues before you leave. Let your clients or contacts know you are going to be gone and tie up as many loose ends as possible before you go. Find your "back-up" person in the office whom you can bring up to speed on any remaining outstanding issues to help resolve in your absence. 

Craft a helpful out of office message.

Let people know how long you'll be away, when you'll be back, and when they can expect a response from you upon return. Share the details and contact information for reaching out to your "back-up" person. At TenDot, we like to put a fun spin on our "out of office" emails related to our travels! We've found our family by choice enjoys learning about where we are going and why we are out of the office.

Do whatever it takes.

Leave your phone in your room or have someone hide it from you (kidding/not kidding), so you avoid the "need" to check your work emails. You'll discover the freedom that comes with being disconnected from your phone and will experience the happiness that comes from being present and in the moment.


If your urge to work becomes just too much to bear, put some focus toward reflecting on your accomplishments and remind yourself that this break from your day-to-day is both well-deserved and imperative to helping you recharge and awaken from life's coma. Open your mind to new possibilities, fresh outlooks and renewed focus when you return.

You have to disconnect to reconnect, whether that's with yourself, your family or your friends. It's vital to our wellbeing to take some time away for recharging the mind, body and soul.

Make it a TenDot Day...even on vacation!

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