Elevate Your Passion & Energy

How is your energy level and excitement for your current goals and projects? Do you enjoy the work you are doing? The most successful people naturally generate enthusiastic energy because they love what they do, their industry, environment and the people with whom they surround themselves. This vibe translates to high passion and high energy. At TenDot, we like to call this the P&E (Passion & Energy) Quotient that inspires both our clients and our team members.

Do you have passion for what you do? How do you get energized and excited about it? People feed on your passion and energy and if these are in sync, you will win people over. Not only are those with P&E magnetic for positive interaction, but also are more fun to work with and be around.

We frequently hear from our clients how impressed they are with the TenDot Team's P&E. Whether it's our team on-site interacting with program participants, through conversations in selecting a program destination, or in planning the program details, the passion and energy that are exerted foster the creative environment for delivering excellent experiences. The results of having the right balance of high passion and high energy are electrifying and contagious.  

If you love what you do, passion comes naturally. Your energy comes from within, a product of your mindset and sometimes takes some extra effort to exert. Always be "up", even when you are having an "off" week. You can cover up a period of low energy with your passion, however, the "fake it until you make it" mentality only works short-term. High energy has to be an intentional act. To help you get there, you must remind yourself, why am I doing this?

When you find that right balance of passion and energy, it carries over into other areas of your life.

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