The Best Reasons to Host a User Conference

Hosting a user conference gives you the power to build loyalty, create community and drive ROI. Here are just a few of the best reasons to host your own user conference. 

Build customer loyalty and retention.
Show your customers how much they matter by delivering your information in an exciting way. Hosting a user conference gives you the chance to educate and inform in a dynamic environment.  

Training and service needs can be addressed during your user conference and allows your customers to focus on the power of your product. In return, you benefit from their feedback as you connect and understand their pain points. Providing these valuable sessions promotes retention, increased adoption and overall customer success. 

Your attendees look forward to unique experiences for stepping out of their everyday work roles. By attending your conference, they’ll enjoy a wonderful hotel, meals and camaraderie among peers and your company. That feeling of belonging solidifies their relationship with you and increases their comfort level with your product. You take the credit and reap the benefits for facilitating and building this community. 

Drive ROI and acquire users.
Sometimes it’s hard to communicate all of your product offerings to many customers in an engaging way. An in-person event lets them see how products work together for their specific needs. A user conference allows you to deliver this information and increase your revenues by generating add-on sales with your existing customers.  

If you allow prospects to attend, you can accelerate your sales cycle and connect them with your current satisfied customers. This exchange boosts your chance to demonstrate your product’s effectiveness and get prospects engaged with existing users who believe in your offerings, ultimately driving your sales. 

Attendees leave user conferences and take actions like presenting what they learn to others, initiating new projects within their company and making decisions to use more of your features, leading to increased retention and new revenue opportunities. 

Best of all, the feedback you capture at the event helps to drive innovation in your company and solve the real problems your customers are facing. 

Strengthen branding and industry positioning. 
Conferences generate considerable PR opportunities, especially if you have notable speakers, are launching a new product or sharing big company news at the event. Not to mention, there’s plenty of word of mouth advertising, social media buzz and press coverage opportunities generated by your conference content. 

Your user conference can give you major credibility, placing you as an authority in your customers’ minds. As your conference grows, you’ll gain attention of other companies in the industry, thought leaders and additional media outlets. Best of all, your live event is a unique opportunity to spotlight your brand and company culture in a very real and personal way to strengthen that customer connection.

Build a community of brand advocates. 
Nothing is as effective as being face-to-face with your customers. Hosting a conference is a powerful way to develop that bond between yourself and the user. 

Customers appreciate the time they get to network with others at your conference. The value of their experience to discuss best practices and lessons learned with each other through your product is priceless. 

Say thank you to customers by integrating a customer appreciation party as part of your event to “wow” and say thank you to your customer base who continues to propel your company’s success. Having this community of advocates is vital to the overall success of your product and your company. 

There are few other opportunities that provide these combined benefits than hosting a user conference. 

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