Experience Mystery

Who doesn't love a good surprise?! Lately, we've been getting a lot of interest in "Mystery Trip Experiences." Intrigued?

It's no surprise that folks enjoy getting everything they could want in ready-to-go packages these days, from the online meal delivery services, to customized monthly "boxes" of beauty goods, clothing, wellness products, dog toys and more! There's a sense of excitement and heightened anticipation to know that something has been carefully curated and packaged up for you to open and discover. Have you thought about how thrilling it could be to receive a surprise travel experience?

A mystery trip provides the opportunity to be surprised and delighted from beginning to end. You don't have to worry about planning a thing and you get all the anticipation of a child on Christmas morning. Simply show up and stroll into the airport with your bag to collect your airline ticket and jet off to an incredible adventure.

Is it for everyone? Perhaps not. But, for those who enjoy a jolt from the hum-drum of everyday life, seek adventure and just plain want to try something out of the norm, it's a fantastic opportunity to receive the joy of discovering something new.

How does it work exactly?

We work with an organizer (company, group, club, etc...) to determine the appropriate budget, dates and set up a survey for attendees to collect data on their likes, dislikes and truly get a feel for the overall personality of the group. Once that's been determined, we handle all the details from selecting the destination, curated experiences, mystery promotions, ticketing and all the other logistics that traditionally go into planning a trip. The exception is, everyone else is in the dark, awaiting that glorious day where they find out where exactly they are going. Participants receive a packing list a short time before departure day and arrive at the airport for the big reveal.

If this sounds exciting to you, give us a call and tell us about it! We can keep a secret, but we'd prefer to create one for you.

Like what you see, but have some questions?